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Terms & Conditions (Program/Rules/Policies)

Translease International Ltd., through the platform known as AdultXpand (www.adultxpand.com) is willing to authorize any individual or legal entity (the Affiliate) to participate in the AdultXpand Affiliate Program (Program) to promote web pages, products and services on a commission basis.

The AdultXpand Platform Affiliate Program solely acts as advertising medium and exclusively offers the possibility to Program Participants of creating contacts with interested webmasters and or site operators, by means of sharing traffic, content and or services.

By participating in the Program, the Affiliate agrees to comply with the following Terms & Conditions (Program/Rules/Policies):

  • 1. Relationship: That the Affiliate's relationship with AdultXpand is non-exclusive and is a legal agreement between you ("Affiliate") and AdultXpand and its suppliers, licensors and or the parties AdultXpand represents (collectively, "AdultXpand").

    • 1. By material uploading, downloading, connecting, copying or otherwise using the AdultXpand Platform, the Affiliate agrees to be bound by the terms of these Rules.

  • 2. AdultXpand's Platform:

    • 1. The material, links, banner ads as presented in AdultXpand are or might be third-party products, contents and/or services. AdultXpand does not carry out an examination and control in this regard. AdultXpand distances itself from all contents of the linked and advertised pages on the platform and does not adopt these contents. This statement shall also apply to all links to external homepages placed and advertised on the Platform.

    • 2. Content Providers or Publishers: The providers of content and services (content providers/publishers) will retain all ownership rights of their submissions. Content Providers/Publishers themselves are responsible for content, products and services for which they place advertising material, either for their own usage or for further use by other content providers, affiliates or webmaster in the webmaster tool AdultXpand. Content Providers/Publishers bear all liability risks in this connection.

    • 3. The responsible providers of services/contents for whose products, contents and services AdultXpand.com solely is a technical advertising platform in order to enable other affiliates to promote this content, are neither supervised by AdultXpand nor are they under the control of AdultXpand.com. AdultXpand shall not be responsible for the offers, placements and texts of those providers

    • 4. The platform operates within the framework of technical possibilities, and AdultXpand does not warrant or guarantee that the platform, the used URL's, the advertising tools provided, the service offering of the provider of contents, services lying behind the latter, the accounting methods or promotional materials, function constantly without disturbance and interruption.

    • 5. AdultXpand will endeavor to keep the service level and availability of the platform at the highest level reasonably possible, but will and can not be held liable for any damages forthcoming from the Platform not being available.

  • 3. Participation and Termination: That Affiliate's participation in the Program is at AdultXpand's sole discretion.

    • 1. AdultXpand and the Affiliate may terminate the Affiliate's participation in the Program at any time, by informing each other as set out in paragraph 11.

    • 2. AdultXpand has the sole right to determine whether or not a breach of these rules occurred.

    • 3. AdultXpand bears no responsibility for any loss or damages caused by the Affiliate's termination from the Program

    • 4. AdultXpand may decide to stop the Program at any time at its sole discretion.

  • 4. Obligations and Payouts: The Affiliate shall earn Payouts for Transactions solely in accordance with parameters set by AdultXpand.

    • 1. A payment period is defined as 1 (one) calendar month.

    • 2. The calculation of Payouts for a period is pursuant to the tiers and rates set by AdultXpand and communicated to the Affiliate. AdultXpand shall have the sole authority to set the Payout rate and applicable terms and conditions thereto.

    • 3. Basis of the calculation of revenue will be the binding statistical information as provided by the tracking and monitoring system (Statistical Tool), the latter accessible to the affiliate on a 24/7 basis, via the personal access data as stated on the Information Page.

    • 4. At the end of each payment period, the affiliate will issue an invoice based on the aforementioned binding statistical & revenue information. The affiliate will sent this invoice within 21 days after end of period.

    • 5. AdultXpand will pay the affiliate within 21 days after receipt of the affiliate's invoice. AdultXpand reserves the right to delay affiliate out-payments until commission related payments are received from Payment Provider.

    • 6. All payments shall be made in EURO.

    • 7. Minimum payout per period is 50€, if the Payout is less than the set amount, the commission will be brought forward to the next period and accumulated with the commission generated over that subsequent period.

      • 1. Accumulation and bringing forward of commission balances under the amount set out in the Information Page, can be done six (6) subsequent periods.

      • 2. If the minimum Payout remains insufficient after accumulating six (6) subsequent months, the total commission over that period will be forfeited and the Affiliate's outstanding commission balance will be reset to zero (0).

    • 8. The Affiliate will receive access to AdultXpand's Statistical Tool (access-data such as username, URL, etc.).

    • 9. Each party is solely and separately responsible for its own taxes, user fees, or similar levies.

    • 10. Any dispute between the Affiliate and AdultXpand regarding Payouts shall be pursuant to:

      • 1. In the event that AdultXpand is unable to calculate Payouts or is delayed in its calculation of Payouts due to any computer error or technical difficulty (including, without limitation, viruses, bugs or any other operational defects), AdultXpand's sole obligation will be to pay the Affiliate the amount the Affiliate received from AdultXpand in the previous month, with a maximum of one thousand EURO (€1,000).

      • 2. In the event that the Affiliate did not receive a Payout from AdultXpand in the previous month, the minimum Payout shall be one hundred EURO (€100).

    • 11. Other than the Payouts, the Affiliate shall have no claims or entitlements to any additional compensation, commissions or business derived by or through its participation in the AdultXpand Program.

  • 5. Legal Compliance: Affiliate shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether foreign, federal, state or local, applicable to the activities performed hereunder.

  • 6. Limitations: The affiliate acknowledges:

    • 1. Not to operate or utilize a website, or email a link to a website, which contains or promotes the following types of content, or has links to sites with the following content:

      • 1. Child pornography, bestiality, sodomy, violence, discriminating statements or representations regarding race, sex, religion, nationality or that offer illegal goods or services.

      • 2. Content that is unacceptable in the view of AdultXpand's sole discretion.

    • 2. To not:

      • 1. Use the AdultXpand Platform for any other purpose other than as specified.

      • 2. Modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based upon the AdultXpand Materials and or Platform.

  • 7. Promotion, Marketing and Advertising of the AdultXpand Platform:

    • 1. Affiliate will not promote the Program using spam or unsolicited commercial email, and the affiliate warrants the following provisions:

    • 1. Each addressee on an e-mail list has opted-in to receive e-mails.

    • 2. Upon request, the Affiliate will promptly provide verified opt-in statuses for all recipients of all current mailing lists used.

    • 3. Each e-mail sent by the Affiliate will contain clear instructions for addressees to unsubscribe from receiving future e-mails.

    • 2. Not to commit fraud or submit fake transactions.

    • 3. Not to use adware and/or malware to promote the AdultXpand platform. The use of parasites (programs that steal traffic from legitimate Affiliates) is strictly prohibited.

    • 4. To acknowledge that AdultXpand owns and has exclusive rights to any and all customer (contact) information data which comes into the Affiliate's possession as a result of, or relating to, the AdultXpand Affiliate Program.

  • 8. Amendments to the Rules and Policies: AdultXpand may amend or modify the Rules and Policies at any time by publishing a new version on the AdultXpand website.

    • 1. If any amendment made by AdultXpand is unacceptable, the Affiliate will acknowledge this by exiting the AdultXpand Affiliate Program.

  • 9. No Assignment: these Rules and Policies are personal to the Affiliate, and may not be assigned without AdultXpand's express written consent.

  • 10. Press releases and Public Statements: The Affiliate will not issue any press releases or make public statements relating to AdultXpand, these Standard Terms or the relationship between the parties without AdultXpand's review of and written consent to such press release or public statement.

  • 11. Force Majeure: No party will be deemed in default hereunder for any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to:

    • 1. Earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster, act of God, labour controversy, civil disturbance, war (whether or not officially declared) or the inability to obtain sufficient supplies, transportation, or other essential commodity or service required in the conduct of its business, or any change in or the adoption of any law, regulation, judgment or decree (each a "Force Majeure Event").

  • 12. Notices and Contact Information: All notices and demands to, from and between AdultXpand and the Affiliate about the agreed Terms and Conditions will be in writing and will be delivered by personal service, express courier, or mail to the following address: Translease International Ltd, 71 Amiens street, Dublin 1, Ireland. AdultXpand, represented by: Translease International Ltd. 71 Amiens Street, Dublin 1, Ireland, VAT No.: IE 8206816Q.

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